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Video Fireplaces - The Originals!  ROARING FIREPLACE VIDEO, ROMANTIC VIDEO FIREPLACE, CHRISTMAS YULE LOG FIREPLACE DVD --whichever Fireplace DVD you're looking for you've found it. These are the originals. The first on the market that you've heard about. You can check them out below!

MARINE AQUARIUM DVD, THE NEW VIDEO AQUARIUM, THE LIVING REEF AQUARIUM, SALT WATER DVD, FISH TANK. By any name you've also found the original here on our website. They're on the next page. Just click on the button to the right. We even have a few left in VHS if that's what you need.

We always have our own FIREPLACE & AQUARIUMS DVD'S in stock.  We offer 2 or 3 day delivery by US PRIORITY MAIL as well as overnight delivery by FEDERAL EXPRESS. For overseas shipping we generally use US GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL (if available) which takes  5 to 7 days. 

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Looped for Continuous Play 

Plays ALL Regions.

             No Logs To Haul!  No Ashes To Clean!

"The Original Video Fireplace" 

Sit back and relax in the flickering glow of a crackling wood burning fire. It's a real fire burning down in real time from roaring flames to glowing embers. On this DVD you have your choice of sound: (1) Play the fire with real snap crackling fire sounds; (2) Play it with easy-listen music; or (3) Play it with classical music. 

This unique DVD turns your TV into your own relaxing, cozy,  romantic, old- fashioned fireplace without any fuss or muss. It'll bring smiles and warmth to every occasion. For anyone who has longed for a fireplace or can't have one, or just hates messing around with a real fireplace.  

The clip below begins 10 minutes into the fire. The fire will burn down completely in one hour!  CLICK ONLY ONCE and see for your self!




DVD    60 MINS.    $20.00   


Fire Sounds. Music. No Talk 



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Looped for Continuous Play! 


And it plays World Wide!   


Includes Bonus Short Film                 

"Snow for the Holidays"

"The Original Christmas Yule Log Fireplace"

Noel! Noel! Noel! Bring the festive warmth of this elegant holiday fireplace into your home. Play it with the Christmas music on the DVD as the fire burns and you'll enjoy 25 all-time seasonal favorites, including "Toyland," "Silent Night," "12 Days of Christmas," "Deck The Halls" and more. Or choose to play it just with the snap-crackle of the fire and there's no hint of Christmas...just a warm, wonderful fireplace filmed in a mansion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

It's a very merry DVD that you'll enjoy with family and friends on Christmas Eve, at holiday parties, when trimming your tree and of course on Christmas Day. And it makes a wonderful holiday gift, especially for seniors!  CLICK ONCE and preview the holiday cheer now!

And if you miss snow for the holidays or prefer it on your TV screen rather than shoveling it outdoors, the Bonus Short Film "Snow for the Holidays" is just your cup of holiday cheer. You'll see rural landscapes cloaked in heavenly snow; barnyard animals dashing as the snow falls on them.  The beauty of winter's white coat sparkles on everything it touches. This short film is looped for continuous play...continuous snow! No shovels needed! 


DVD  1 hrs   $20.00   


Fire Sounds or Music.  No Talk. Bonus Features

Have you seen "live on stage" or on Public Television "THE HARD NUT," the MARK MORRIS BALLET COMPANY'S version of the classic ballet "The Nutcracker Suite?"  If you did, you saw it playing on the oversize TV set  next to the Christmas tree. CLICK ONLY ONCE to play it now! 

Click HERE to learn the TITLES of the MUSICAL SELECTIONS on this DVD!

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